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How Do You Pick Out a Support Group?

How Do You Pick Out a Support Group?

When picking out a support group there are many things to consider. Whether you decide to attend a conventional 12 step support group, spiritual group, or a religious based group is up to you. There are online blogs or online closed support groups you can attend on a weekly basis. Groups are now available 24/7 and is made available to anyone who is in need. The cost is usually free unless otherwise specified. 12 step groups is always based on what you can afford and you usually throw the “money” in the basket when they pass it around the room. There are speaker groups in which only one person speaks so for many people who are just beginning to attend this is a great intro meeting. Remember you have the right to “pass” if called upon to speak. Do not be afraid to say it if you are not ready to share your story. A observer in the beginning may be the best place for you in the early stages as you can hear others hopes, fears, and journeys as they ventured through their addictive behaviors.

If you are not keen on the 12 steps there are many other ways to obtain the support you need. Look at incorporating other ways for support if need be. This may include other support groups, church, ceremonies, being out in nature, etc. When getting into recovery from the behavior or mental health issues you are dealing with it is best to develop a program in which you feel most comfortable with. Do not be distracted by what everyone is telling you to do. Do what is best for you and your recovery program. Remember you are the only person walking in those shoes every day and you will have to walk in them for the rest of your life. A recovery program is the same deal. You will need to have one in which you will be able to sustain for the rest of your life be comfortable with it.

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