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A Gambler's Story

A Gambler's Story

I love the sound of the money being dropped into my bank as I see the coins falling onto the screen. Each time the coin falls is another jolt of excitement into my stomach. Why can’t life be like this always? Why can’t I feel this euphoria all the time, 24/7? I am not hurting anyone. Sitting on my little slot machine gazing upon her vast beauty. No one really understands except maybe another fellow gambler who can embrace the significance of the experience.

When deciding to put another $1 into the machine it’s like no other decision. The reason for this statement is because there is really no thought process behind it. When you are on a roll it just is. You do what it takes to continue this process; nothing more. If it means taking your last chunk of change to do so then that’s what you do. You don’t think about the rent that is due or the food you don’t have because it doesn’t matter. What you do think is the possibility of winning. The chance of being lucky today, the opportunity of hitting the big win, and making the big time for today. The chase is real and you can taste it.

Your mind pounces on the idea and you feel an adrenaline rush pumping through your veins. The hunt is on for your favorite machine, game, or situation. Whatever works for you it doesn’t matter as all you know is luck is on your side for today. The time is now and you need to make it happen before luck runs out. You find the nearest slot machine you know the one, the one in which has always given you luck. You sit down and embrace its beauty as you take out your first hundred dollars. You say your ritualistic prayer and begin the journey into gambler’s impulsive despair.

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