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There are three main ingredients that work on cleaning our teeth; sodium bicarbonate (baking soda),  sodium chloride (table salt), and essential oils in small quantities.  Sodium Bicarbonate is a simple substance. However, many mass market  baking sodas are contaminated with heavy metals such as cadmium.** Tooth Salt uses pure sodium bicarbonate. This product contains pure sea salt so you are getting the minerals you need without the heavy metals. Essential oils are added for freshness and taste.
"Instructions: Sprinkle onto a wet toothbrush and go. Tooth Salt has a handy squeeze bottle and twist dispensing cap for ease of use. Brush as normal; Tooth Salt helps to maintain a healthful oral environment for your teeth and gums to  flourish in.
Healthy Hint: For thousands of  years people have gargled with salt water to aid oral care. Salt water  is said to kill germs, and soothe irritated gum tissues. After brushing  your teeth swish the rinse water around in your mouth as long as yo

Chemical Free and Heavy Metal Free Tooth Salt

SKU: CFHM34306012
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